A strange day for Cesc Fabregas

Earlier today it looked as though Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas may be on his way out of the Emirates after he slammed the club for it's failure to win a Premier League title in over five years.

"The absence of titles at Arsenal is what angers me the most ... Cristiano (Ronaldo) said he's leaving Manchester United because he had nothing else to win. For me right now it is the exact opposite, seeing the impotence.

Fabregas' comments fuelled speculation that a move to Real Madrid could be on the cards, however just hours after his original comments were made public, the 22-year old released a statement on the Gunners official website.

The Spanish international had this to say : "Let me make myself absolutely crystal clear - I am wholeheartedly committed to Arsenal, and my future lies with this great club."

A strange few hours in the career of Cesc Fabregas. No sooner had I read his comments that he was angry at Arsenal, I read that he is fully committed to Arsenal and that his future lies with Arsene Wenger's men. The large majority of Arsenal fans will be delighted to hear what Fabregas has had to say this afternoon, however I'm sure they aren't entirely comfortable with what has gone on today.

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