Football Corner Interviews : Johnathan Starling (EPL Talk)

The second edition of the Football Corner Interviews sees EPL Talk's Johnathan Starling answering the questions. This is the second part of the Football Corner's new series and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Johnathan for taking the time out to give his answers and once you have finished reading this, I would recommend you take the time out to look at EPL Talk.

Q : Well Johnathan, you have been a member of the EPL Talk team for a number of years now. Are there any major highlights that stand out in your mind during your time writing on the site?

A : Actually it wouldn't be a particular blog I wrote, but instead a few highlights when doing other things for the site. The first would have to be during the 2007 FA Cup Final while in the EPL Talk Chat. During the match days, I would open up a microphone and for reasons I never really understood, people would get a kick out of me just going mental when I saw the team I support (Chelsea) play. Well when Chelsea scored in injury time to beat Manchester United, I just lost it. Someone made a video of the day and I'm thankful it's never made it onto youtube.

The other moment would have to be the interview I just did with Martin Tyler for the EPL Talk Podcast. To just have the opportunity to speak with such a broadcasting legend is something I will remember for the rest of my life.

Q : Are there any football sites out there at the moment which you really admire? If so what are they and why?

A : The two I like going to are and I enjoy Soccer Base because it's just a data base on all things football. Just going to get information on particular games or players is a great bonus to me. I like Soccer Way because at any time, you can find out scores from the vast amount of leagues they follow.

Q : Do you remember your first ever post for EPL Talk? If so what was it about?

A : Strangely I do. It was right after Petr Cech suffered his horrific skull injury and I wrote about not putting the blame on Stephen Hunt because when two players are going after the same target, those things are bound to happen.

Q : What should it be called? Soccer or football?

A : I call it football. It's always an arguement in my house when I say football that everyone else will go in unison 'SOCCER!'

Q : Apart from Cristiano Ronaldo, who do you think is the best player in thePremier League?

A : That's a tough question. A few stick out in my mind. Cesc Fabregas for the way he controls a midfield. I also think Gabriel Agbonlahor and Steven Gerrard can be put in that argument.

Q : Do you have a favourite Premier League game of all time? If so what is it?

A : As much as it pains me to say this, last season's 4-4 Tottenham/Chelsea game would have to go down as one of my favourite games.

Q : Do you have a favourite Premier League goal of all time? If so what is it?

A : I don't have a particular goal that stands out as my favourite goal.

Q : Who do you think will win the Premier League this season?

A : I think this title is Manchester United's to lose. While they started slowly, they know when it's time to find that second gear and make the other clubs sweat around them.

Q : Should goal-line technology be brought into the game?

A : Only if it can be brought into all levels of the game. I would love to see it, but I don't think we'll see it anytime in the distant future.

Q : The white Premier League ball or the yellow one?

A : Give me the yellow ball.

Thanks again Johnathan and best of luck in the future.

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