Football Corner Interviews : Brian Lofrumento (Premiership Talk)

We at Football Corner have decided to start a new feature called : Football Corner Interviews. Over the next few weeks and months, we will be interviewing several well known writers from various different football sites. This week sees Brian Lofruemento from Premiership Talk answering the questions. I would like to thank Brian for taking the time out to answer the questions and I would recommend you visit his site once you have finished reading.

Q : Well Brian, it's been almost six months since Premiership Talk
launched, what has been the highlight for you so far?

A : Six months already, huh? It seems like just yesterday Premiership Talk
was based on a generic Blogger template! The highlight so far has definitely
been meeting new people and giving readers the chance to become a part of
the Premiership Talk team. Part of the reason I started the site was to give
everyday Premier League fans a chance to voice their opinions to thousands
of supporters, and many of the site's forum members and readers have began
writing for the site. It's a great way to connect with fans from around the
world and meet new people.

Q : Are there any football sites at the moment which you really
admire? (Apart from Football Corner of course!)

A : Soccerlens and EPL Talk are two sites that I really admire. Before I got
into the blogging world, I read EPL Talk everyday (and still read it a lot).
The Gaffer is a great writer and always has news that other sites don't.
Soccerlens is probably the most comprehensive blog when it comes to football
news, as it does more than just English football. I've done a few guest
articles for Soccerlens and have loved writing for Ahmed and his team.

Q : You were recently nominated for three awards in the Soccerlens yearly awards, that must of been a big honour?

A : Yes, it was a massive honour. I didn't expect it at all, especially since
the site is only half a year old. It's always great to get acknowledged, and
these nominations will certainly help the site grow. I can't thank
Premiership Talk's readers and members enough. Hopefully the site will pick
up a few awards come December 15th. I'm sure soon enough we'll be seeing
Football Corner on the ballots!

Q : Apart from Cristiano Ronaldo, who do you think is the best player
currently playing in the Premier League?

A : I'd say Rio Ferdinand. Rio often gets criticized a lot in the media, but
he has proven himself time and time again over the past few years. He
captained United last year to a Premier League and Champions League double,
so it's hard to deny his leadership qualities. He's also so calm and cool on
the ball, and it's unusual for a center back to be as skilled as him. I'm
sure Rio could slot comfortably into any back line in the world. United's
match against Liverpool last season defines Rio Ferdinand in my eyes, as
Fernando Torres hardly got a touch of the ball for 90 minutes.

Q : Do you have an all-time favourite Premier League game?

A : Without a doubt my favorite Premiership match of all time was between
United and Arsenal in February of 2005. It was at the Emirates, and even
before kickoff it was clear that it was going to be a fiery affair. It was
the match where Keano and Vieira went at it in the tunnel. Arsenal got off
to an early lead and went in 2-1 at the half. United came out storming in
the second half and scored three straight goals, with a lovely John O'Shea
chip in the dying minutes of the game. A 4-2 win for United, and a match
that I'll never forget.

Q : Do you have an all-time favourite Premier League goal?

A : It might not be the first on everyone's list, but Wayne Rooney's goal
against Bolton at Old Trafford during the 2006/07 season tops my list.
Bolton had a throw deep in the United half, and the ball went from United's
own penalty area to the back of the Bolton net in just a few seconds.
Ronaldo picked up the ball up, found Rooney, who returned it to Ronaldo with
a clever flick. Ronaldo used his pace to take it through the heart of the
Bolton midfield and found Rooney, who just chipped it over Jaaskelainen. It
is a perfect example of how a counter-attack should work, and for me it
typifies United's attacking spirit.

Q : In your opinion, should goal-line technology be brought into the game?

A : I think it should, but in a reasonable manner. I don't think it should
become like American sports and introduce stoppages into the game, but I'm
sure the fourth official could take a look at the video and make a call if
there needs to be one. Almost all other sports have video technology, and I
don't want to see football fall behind the times.

Q : The white Premier League ball or the yellow one?

A : I'm going to have to say white. The yellow one is just too distracting,
and it reminds me too much of Arsenal's unbeaten season. The white ball with
red trim is class.

Thanks again Brian and best of luck in the future with Premiership Talk.

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