Chelsea and Real look to swap star men

It has been reported today in the sun that Chelsea and Real Madrid may be set to swap players come the opening of the January transfer window. The players in question are Florent Malouda and Royston Drenthe, both of whom have expressed concerns about their futures at their respective clubs.

Maluoda joined Chelsea in the summer from French side Lyon for a fee of around £13.5 million but has in recent days has told of his feelings at Chelsea. He has said the trainings are too tough amongst other things and he said that the Christmas period is only bound to be worse.

Drenthe, who of course was a target of Chelsea's whilst he was still at Feyernood has been forced to sit on the bench in recent weeks due to the terrific form of Marcelo at Madrid. Drenthe joined Real for a fee of around £10 million.

I would say if this deal was to go through Real will have to cough up a bit of money as well as the exchange. Malouda has had a decent start to his Chelsea career but because of his recent comments I feel he may be in favour of this move.