Liverpool trio set for exit !

Liverpool midfielder Javier Mascherano has been linked with a move to Man City in the January transfer window in several of today's newspapers. The Reds' Danny Guthrie who is currently on loan at Bolton could be set to make his move permanent come January, according to reports in The Times today. Scott Carson is also poised to make a permanent move to Villa Park.

Liverpool have supposedly been delaying their move for Mascherano and the papers think that City are ready to capitalize on the Merseysiders' hesitancy. The former West Ham man is one of several players playing in the same position as him at Liverpool with the presence of Alonso, Lucas and Sissoko all playing in the defensive midfield role.

Personally, as a Liverpool fan, I would much rather see the the awkward figure of Momo Sissoko make a January exit, who has rather astonishingly, been linked with a move to Italian giants, Juventus.

Guthrie, 20, went on loan to Bolton earlier in the season and has performed reasonably well as well as impressing new gaffer, Gary Megson.

From a Reds perspective I would like to see Mascherano stay at the club, but a rumoured £17 million price tag may be to irresistible for Mascherano's owners to turn down. As for Guthrie, despite being a promising young talent I don't think he would be a big loss to the club... and a move to Bolton would probably help his career.

And finally, Scott Carson, well for someone who we signed for about £1 million and who could be leaving for around £10 million, it would obviously be a good deal for the club and I think as well that with the form that Pepe Reina is in this season that Carson would struggle to get his place ahead of the Spaniard anyway.



  1. Anonymous said,


    I don't believe we will be receiving 17mill for him, that will be the company which owns the players rights . . . . I think its run by Joobarchim, this is where our problem in keeping him will come from, because I don't think we'll have that much cash to shell out on him


    on 10:57 a.m.  

  2. Anonymous said,

    It's blindingly obvious that we won't receive £17m for him. A major flaw in your article. We also won't get the advertised £10m for Scott Carson. Is he worth more than Craig Gordon - methinks not. If we sell Sissoko them Masher will be signed up in January. Lucas's rapid development means Sissoko will not be missed.

    on 11:02 a.m.  

  3. fseq said,

    No, he's on LOAN so we'd have to PAY £17M for his services. But the aleged bidding war with E.G. City is a fake as I'm under the impression that we have an OPTION (clause) to buy him for £17M if we'd wish. Anyone got a confirmation of such a clause?

    on 11:40 a.m.  

  4. Anonymous said,

    What a load of crap this article !

    on 11:48 a.m.  

  5. Anonymous said,

    The Masher thing depends on one person Rafa, if he's here then happy days, if the yanks play russian roulette with the club and sack Rafa then we'll lose Masher plus others. Lucas, contary to the recent repots is far from a defensive midfielder, he can do that job but like Gerrard who was used in that role by Houllier he is an attacking player. As for Guthrie, its this simple Gerrard, Alonso, Sissoko, Masher, Lucas, Yossi, Pennant, Babel and maybe even Kewell are ahead of him it's a case of how much we can get for him, I read yesterday someone was saying 5 Mill which is bullsh*t, if we could get 2Mill plus clauses we'll have done well as for Carson now seems the time to sell him with a first option clause in case Pepe wants away in the futue

    on 12:28 p.m.