Liverpool, Spurs and Villa get ready for battle as £10 million England midfielder becomes available

So, who will Stewart Downing be playing for next season? Well one things for certain, he won't be playing for Middlesbrough. Following the side's relegation to the Championship last month, several key players have been linked with summer exits from the Riverside, including Downing.

Speaking earlier today, Boro chief executive Keith Lamb had this to say about the possibility of Downing leaving the club : "We said to Stewart that we would give him the opportunity to leave the football club if the right club came along for him and for the football club."

So, who wants to sign Downing?

Well, Liverpool and Tottenham have both been linked with the 24-year old in recent weeks, however I personally feel a move to Aston Villa looks the best option for all parties. Following the departure of Gareth Barry from Villa Park on Tuesday, Martin O'Neill is now short a left-sided midfield player so a move for Downing would go some way to replacing their former captain.

If I'm being totally honest, I don't really rate Downing. I would be surprised if Boro managed to get anywhere near the £10 million being talked about for Downing but with at least three clubs interested in him, who knows how much they may end up getting. It will be interesting to see who he does eventually end up at but I feel whoever does sign him will be making a huge mistake.

What do you think? Comments below please.



  1. Deany said,

    Downings a good solid player, very much in the way Barry is. You don't worry about them giving the ball away cheaply when their in possesion. He's no Ashley young but signing for the Villa would give Young the chance to be freed up for a move diverse roll behind the front 1/2. 10 million sounds about right. Liverpool can't afford him, so I'd say he will proabably end up at spurs because he'll proabably be more interested in money and nightclubs than serious football.

    on 5:22 p.m.  

  2. Anonymous said,

    For the love of god, there isn't a Tottenham fan alive that wants him any where near our club.
    Over rated, doesn't score, no class what so ever, I can understand him wanting away from Boro and there debt ridden chairman who talks a good game but puts his whole club on the line because he can't add up.
    Best of luck to you Mr Downing, but just no where near White hart lane.

    on 5:57 p.m.  

  3. Anonymous said,

    downing is not the clubing sort .And he will do well where ever he goes.Hopefully he will not be out for to long as that might effect any deal.

    on 6:03 p.m.  

  4. Enorme Nuez said,

    Downing would be a good addition for any of the three involved. Not sure how he would fit directly into the void left by Barry though. Yes he is left-footed by that is where the similarities end. He is a wide player so if Villa are interested in him then he would be vying for a place at either the expense of Milner or Young. However O'Neill may see otherwise and that is why he's the manager and I'm just a fan writing my opinion on the Internet.

    Spurs have stated their interest so he may indeed venture to the capital.

    To become a better footballer Downing needs an improvement in his environment. That will come at Villa, Spurs or Liverpool. Either of the three will see him become a better player, but £10m is far too much for someone who was part of relegated team.

    on 6:35 p.m.