Emile Heskey will be playing for either Liverpool or Wigan when the transfer window closes

That's the opinion of our readers anyway. Over the last ten days or so, Football Corner has asked you, the reader, where you thought Wigan striker Emile Heskey would be when the transfer window closes and amazingly the result was a draw. Yes the same amount of voters picked Wigan as well as Liverpool, so the whereabouts of Heskey when the transfer window closes is still undecided.

Here is the full result of the poll :

Wigan - 34 votes (28%)
Liverpool - 34 votes (28%)
Aston Villa - 32 votes (26%)
Tottenham - 11 votes (9%)
Man City - 4 votes (3%)
Other - 4 votes (3%)

Total votes : 119

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who voted and I would encourage all of you to vote in our latest poll which can be found on the top right of the site. The poll is : When the transfer window closes, Andrei Arshavin will be a _______ player? Place your votes now