What next for Arsenal? Who should be new captain, does Gallas have a future at the club and has Wenger made the right decision?

Arsenal defender William Gallas has this evening been stripped of his captaincy. The French international recently made some controversial comments about his Arsenal team-mates and claimed they weren't strong enough to win a Premier League title.

These comments have now seen him lose his captaincy and a place in the side to face Manchester City tomorrow afternoon. I personally am not too surprised by Arsene Wenger's decision to axe Gallas as club captain. This has been coming since his outburst at Birmingham last year when the 31-year old sat on the pitch after the final whistle was blown in frustration at his side's failure to win the game.

So what do you think should happen next? Who should be the new captain of the North London giants, will Gallas still be at the club come the end of January and has Wenger made the right decision? Leave your comments below.



  1. Anonymous said,

    Of course AW has made the right decision - and about time, too. Gallas has been a big disappointment during his time with Arsenal. I expected much more from him when we signed him back in 2006.

    Next captain: Fabregas! It might convince him to stay for the long haul. Otherwise I fear he may leave us before long.

    on 9:24 p.m.  

  2. Anonymous said,

    oh my, what a season and its only november! The captain will be Clichy mr dependable (normally!) who speaks a lot of sense. normally i would say Kolo....maybe he will be back to his best if partnenred with a compimenatary CB like Djourou

    on 9:43 p.m.