Torres eases past Ronaldo to claim victory

Fernando Torres has eased to victory in Football Corner's latest poll. The poll asked, who do you think will be the Premier League's top scorer this season, and Torres to be fair won by a distance. The Liverpool striker already has five goals to his name and is only three goals off Amr Zaki at the top of the charts, but you, the readers clearly feel he will easily make the gap up with ease.

Here is the full result of the poll :

Fernando Torres - 56 votes (42%)
Cristiano Ronaldo - 29 votes (21%)
E.Adebayor - 14 votes (10%)
Other - 14 votes (10%)
Robinho - 12 votes (9%)
Amr Zaki - 9 votes (7%)
Didier Drogba - 2 votes (1%)

Total votes : 136

I wasn't too surprised to see such an outcome. Torres, although he has been injured of late, he has looked awesome this season and I wouldn't be one bit surprised to see him claim the Premier League Golden Boot. The big surprise for me was the lack of votes for Wigan's Amr Zaki who is currently flying in the charts.

I would urge you all the vote in our latest poll (located at the top right of the site)