New Manchester United away jersey a classic

Since the arrival of my new Manchester United away jersey (08/09) I simply haven't stopped wearing it. It is without doubt one of the nicest, most comfortable Man United jersey's there has ever been and I am a huge fan of it.

I am a man who likes to play football, whether it be competitive or friendly, and I am always looking for the best jerseys on the market. This one definitely fits the bill.

The dri-fit technology which Nike have incorporated into this jersey makes a training session or just a simply kick-a-bout with your friends very comfortable and very enjoyable.

United always seem to have a white away jersey and I always look at them and say "hmmm, it's OK, not great though". But not this one. The blue and red trimmings on the outline of the jersey go really well with the pro dominant white.

I personally feel this is a must buy, not just for United fans, but for football fans in general. It looks good on Cristiano Ronaldo but it will look even better on you! So go now to to order your Manchester United away jersey 08/09 for just $66.50 (£40).