Sir Alex Ferguson agrees with Football Corner

Sir Alex Ferguson has today launched a scathing attack on the FA after they decided to rescind the red card which Chelsea captain John Terry picked up on Saturday. If the appeal had of been turned down, Terry would not of been allowed to play in Chelsea's clash with Manchester United on Sunday but as it is, he is free to play.

Yesterday, Football Corner gave their opinion
on the matter and surprise surprise, Ferguson agrees with us. The United manager is furious at referee's chief Keith Hackett claiming that he "would never have done this for us". Chelsea boss Luis Filipe Scolari has also admitted he was surprised at the decision.

In my view, red cards are rarely rescinded but when the England captain comes looking for his red card to be cancelled, sure enough he gets it. I just can't wait until the next club appeal their players red card and it is rescinded, could you imaging Rio Ferdinand has a conterversial red card given against him and any appeal is turned down.