£35 million Liverpool exodus !

According to reports in the News of the World today, Liverpool's Xabi Alonso, Peter Crouch, Harry Kewell, John Arne Riise and Andriy Voronin will leave the club this Summer.

All of the above players have been some of the main subjects of Rafa's rotation system with the exception of Alonso who has been suffering from injuries.

As a Reds fan myself, I sincerely hope that neither Crouch or Alonso leave as for the other three it wouldn't bother me too much to see the back of them. Benitez will hopefully realise after yesterday's performance why Peter Crouch should be playing ahead of Kuyt and Voronin.

As for Alonso, we do have have Lucas and Mascherano in the same postiton but I think that Xabi offers a different, more creative aspect from that position. He may not be as good as Javier at breaking up the opposition's play but I think he is a world class player who is capable of getting his place in any side.



  1. BAZZA said,

    I totally agree -
    Having sat in the kop numerous times this season it has become apparent just how much more space alonsos creativity gives us. Just look at Arsenal - after he was injured they finally broke us down. Mascherano is a world class defensive midfielder - almost pitbull like, but i would be gutted to see alonso elsewhere. His ability to spray passes around the park and feed in torres gerrard and babels pace is exactly what we have been missing. I would rather see the back of kuyt.
    For me - Crouch would be a smart piece of business - his sale along with alonso would have effectively funded mascherano's permanent buy.

    on 4:57 p.m.  

  2. bazza said,

    i meant along with sissoko

    on 4:58 p.m.  

  3. Anonymous said,

    The way Mascherano is playing, he can dispose anyone to the bench...even gerrard if the latter wasn't scoring the goals.

    However if any of the both (Masch and G) was injured, Alonso seems to be the more experienced one to hold the fort.

    Anyway, if Alonso was sold just to patch the interest payments...then I'd be shock. However if he was sold to get us a world class winger (btw, babel should be playing as forward), then I'm not too unhappy about it.

    on 5:47 p.m.  

  4. Anonymous said,

    I'd shed no tears for riise kewell and crouch leaving. Alonso is a strange one though yes he's a very good player - at his best - but undoubtedly he's been way below that level for some time and with 18 million being spent on the mash you'd struggle to see alonso being a first team regular, so if barca or someone offered 20million for him I can see him being moved on.

    on 6:28 p.m.  

  5. Anonymous said,

    I completely agree 2! Having seen Liverpool live a total of once!! (an 8-1 thrashing of Hull sometime near 1999) I can say that also as a Man U fan I would be very glad to see the back of Alonso and Crouch. But for some strange reason I Would like Utd to sign Kewell. I know it won't happen but i like him nd would say if u can keep him fit he could be class.

    on 10:59 p.m.  

  6. Anonymous said,

    I agree that all these players should go except that I would have sold Kuyt instead of Crouch. The reason for this is that Crouch scors more goals in the 10 minutes that he has played this season than Kuyt scored in a lifetime. Kuyt definitely has some voodoo on Benitez.

    on 7:11 a.m.  

  7. joshua said,

    its a happy news tat kewell,voronin, n riise ar leaving..but i would rather prefer kuyt to go instead of crouch..crouch is better than kuyt in many ways n i hope crouch stays unless a team is willing to buy him 4r 15mil pounds..alonso leaving is a pity news bcause he is a world class midfielder n he has helped us a lot..

    on 8:44 a.m.  

  8. Anonymous said,

    Kewell, Alonso, Voronin and Kuyt can all leave. Sure alonso,s a quality player, but whats the point having 14 million pounds worth of player sitting on the bench when other areas need improving badly. Xabi 14 million and Benayoun 6 million could pay for a 20 million pound right winger. Just alter Guthrie's loan deal so he comes straight back if we get major injuries.

    Not sure of Itanje leaving though, who's gonna take his place? Carson? Much prefer carson being sold to fund other signings, after all whats the point having a 7 million pound goal keeper only playing league cup games.

    Not sure about Aurelio either. Riise is better than Aurelio and as such would fetch a lot more if he was sold. Riise at 5 million, Carson at 7 million is 12. Add another half a dozen or so and we'd be able to fund the signing of Philipp Lahm from Bayern Munich.

    And if crouch gets sold instead of Kuyt i'll scream.

    on 10:15 a.m.  

  9. reikirebel said,

    Im concerned that players good enough to be involved in a CL winning team are now not good enough ... for me they are only not good enough because they aren't getting played regular. the rotation system needs to be got rid of this summer and a couple of robey signings ....
    For me the manager is not up to the task of getting LFC a league title win, yes he's excellent in europe but we need and want to be top of the league! maybe Rafa needs to consider if staying beyond this summer is right for him and the club! if he left I would thank him for the CL win and wish him well for the future but if he continues on and again we are chasing 4th next season, then maybe its the sack and we will remember less of the good times!
    Timing is everything and don't be surprised if he moves on ... and please no more blaming the owners, rafa has been given everything he has asked for in his 4 seasons here .... I believe bringing in foreign managers is the reason we have not had any real success in the league, maybe its time for an ex-liverpool player to take this club back to where we belong!!! Maybe daglish, maybe tommo, maybe aldridge or them all in different positions, but one thing is for sure, they all understand what is needed to win the league!!!!

    on 11:12 a.m.  

  10. Anonymous said,


    on 1:42 p.m.  

  11. ivan said,

    I really can't understand a thing... please help me!!
    BAROS: was sold because he played "head down" and scored just a few. But he scored and gave assists!!!!
    FOWLER: was "too old" to play in a red shirt (Inzaghi scored twice -or 1 and a half- against us in the CL final at 34!) - BUT HE SCORED!!!
    BELLAMY - say what you want - but -sometimes- he scored even important goals and not only penalties
    MORIENTES: wasted many goals in important occasions (Toyota cup, for example), but at least was a cute guy (:-)), had good feet, scored great head goals
    HESKEY: Had a great 1 year, then worked for the team. At least was powerful, big, good in the air
    KUYT HAS NONE OF THOSE QUALITIES, so I hope we will give him even for free!!!

    on 3:16 p.m.  

  12. Anonymous said,

    i agree with kewell,voronin @ kuyt but i think we should keep crouch,alonso & yossi ..
    i know crouch will never be world class but he's a hard worker and given a run he will score,he would be a good squad player for us,alonso on his day is world class all round i think hes better than masch injuries have set him back..i just want us too get rid of kuyt ASAP sooner we get a partner for torres the better..

    on 6:51 p.m.  

  13. Anonymous said,

    anon @10.15
    .. have u ever seen Alonso play you eejit, he is a lot closer to being a complete defensive midfielder than Lucas or Masch. I bet u dont even watch the games

    on 9:03 p.m.  

  14. Anonymous said,

    listen you pleb come back when youve been to champions league finals,go and support united or something tell me when mash has scored or even split a defence in two good player but alonso on his day is better...

    stick to watchin them in your chair at home...what are you irish!!! EEJIT

    on 5:47 p.m.