Southgate or Davies next for the sack ???

So who do you think will get the sack next? Either Derby County boss Billy Davies or Middlesbrough boss Gareth Southgate.

Both sides are woefully out of form and it is almost certain that it will be either of two to be the next Premier League manager to get the sack. There have already been 4 managers that have left their posts this season and I strongly feel that that number will be added to by the new year.

So, who do you think will be first to get his marching orders?



  1. Ian Rose said,

    I've got to go with Southgate, because I think he's got the better team with the higher expectations, and is doing nearly as badly with it. Derby County has to have come into this season expecting a tough run, but Boro was in a UEFA Cup final two years ago, and were mid-table last season. Granted, they lost some talent, but I think Southgate has done the worse job because he had more to start with.

    on 12:21 a.m.