Reading star Hunt committs awful tackle

Reading striker/midfielder Stephen Hunt committed one of the worst tackles of the season on Man City midfielder Gelson Fernandes during Saturday's encounter between the two sides. Hunt slid in on Gelson with his foot way over the level of the ball and his studs connected with the knee of the City player.

Hunt was booked at the time and in my view was saved by the reaction of Gelson who simply got up and got on with his game. I really think Hunt is a good player but he has to get his tackling sorted out!



  1. Anonymous said,

    The tackle was a horror and but only for the crowd reaction the thug would not even have been carded.
    It deserved a red but the linesman that side was weak.
    What else can we expect from a team managed by an ex Red.
    God's Team had the last laugh with the Ireland volley and sent these defensive clowns back down the M6 with what thier game plan deserved, nothing

    on 1:15 a.m.  

  2. Soccer Fan said,

    The real question is whether or not he did it on purpose. Or was it just instinct?

    on 2:18 a.m.  

  3. Anonymous said,

    Always liked Hunt but not anymore, leaves me to wonder whether he meant the whole Cech incident, the pikey muppet also needs a haircut.
    As for Gelson Fernandes, what a true professional standing up and not milking it.

    on 2:34 a.m.  

  4. Anonymous said,

    should have been a red and the striker substitute for Reading could of been sent as well. Fernandes was the ultimate professional got up and got on with the game- he will be an absolute top draw player in a couple of years with some experience under his belt.

    on 2:38 a.m.  

  5. Anonymous said,

    Unbelievable tackle(?).
    How can one PRO try & ruin another PRO's career?
    He should still be punished.

    on 12:23 a.m.