Liverpool are flying like a broken Kuyt !!! But there is a Crouching tiger wating !!!

After Liverpool's woeful performance not only against Blackburn today but in recent weeks, in my opinion, questions have to be asked of Rafa Benitez, his rotation policy and his tactics... and I'm a Liverpool fan !!!

Going into tonight's game at Ewood Park, Rafa started five in midfield first indicating to me that he was going there for a draw, and with one man up front especially that of Dirk Kuyt I can't even begin to see what the Spaniard is thinking. If you are going to play one man up top, why not Peter Crouch ? Considering as well that it will be against the strong, physical Christopher Samba.... at least Crouch can hold it up unlike Kuyt

Onto my second point, also to do with tonight's match. There were three Championship quality players starting for The Reds in a team that is supposed to be challenging for the Premier League title. Dirk Kuyt, Momo Sissoko and I don't like saying the third because he has served us so well in previous years, Sami Hyypia. Kuyt who had no problems scoring in Holland has failed to impress this Liverpool fan since his arrival in 2006. I'm sorry but being a hard worker alone isn't good enough, he proved this again tonight as he wasted several, simple chances which should have wrapped up the game for The Merseysiders. Momo Sissoko has the potential to be a decent player but for me too many simple passes go astray after making great tackles and until he stops wasting the ball he shouldn't start. And big Sami, despite having a decent game tonight and even though he is just Dan Agger's back up he is too slow to keep up with the strikers in this league.

And my final point, squad rotation. Why is it so hard for players who are on £70,000 a week to play twice in one week. Rafa if your listening, just play the best eleven available every week. If this run of form continues .....I'm sorry but Rafa will have to go.
I promise this is really the last point, please Rafa just play Crouch instead of Kuyt.