Cristiano Ronaldo will be playing for Real Madrid next season

That's the opinion of our readers anyway.

Yes, after just five days of voting, Football Corner has decided to end our current poll, which asked you, the reader, who will Cristiano Ronaldo be playing for next season. The poll was due to end on Tuesday, but quite frankly there was no point in letting it run that long because there was no contest.

The results from the poll tell their own story.

Real Madrid - 164 votes (63%)
Man United- 70 votes (27%)
Other - 26 votes (10%)

Total Votes : 260.

I would first of all like to thank everyone who voted. 260 votes in just a few days is fantastic, so thanks for that. Second of all, I must say I was surprised at how many people voted for Real Madrid. When I started the poll, I originally thought it was going to be extremely close. How wrong was I?

I would encourage all of you to vote in our latest poll which can be found just to the right of this post. Cheers.

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