AC Milan ready to take £107 million for Kaka but Juve wouldn't accept £100 million for Del Piero

With AC Milan playmaker Kaka on the brink of joining Premier League side Manchester City for a world record fee of £107 million, many of the games big names have been having their say on the issue. The recurring message coming from everyone is that City can now sign anyone they want now with all their money, however Juventus president Giovanni Cobolli Gigli has today stated he wouldn't accept £100 million for Juve striker Alessandro Del Piero.

Manchester City's new Arab owner Sheikh Mansour bin Zayhed Al Nayhan is desperate to make the City the biggest club in the world and he has promised to invest heavily in the squad in the coming years. Since buying the club, City have signed just two players. Robinho for a British record £32.5 million from Real Madrid and Wayne Bridge for a fee of around £11 million from fellow Premier League side Chelsea.

Speaking about Kaka's proposed move to Eastlands, Gigli had this to say about Del Piero : "No, we would not sell him, not even for £100m. These figures, especially at this moment when the world and football should be reconsidering its finances, are just illogical." It is all well and good hearing Gigli say this, however I feel if City were offer that much (which they won't) for Del Piero, 34, he may be thinking differently.

Many people have questioned Milan for cashing in on one of their most prized assets, however I think it is harsh to criticse AC or even Kaka. You can't just say, Oh I wouldn't take the money, no way. How on earth could a club/player turn down such massive sums of money? The simple answer is, they can't. I would like to see how people like Gigli would actually react if they did recieve an offer of £100 million plus for one of their players.