New Celtic away jersey a must buy

Since the arrival of my new Celtic away jersey (08/09) I have been impressed by it's surprising comfort. Whether you are out playing football with friends or just lounging around your home the new Celtic away jersey does the trick.

The dri-fit technology which Nike have incorporated into the jersey helps to wick perspiration to keep you dry and comfortable when exercising. The vibrant yellow and green colours go really well together to make this one of the nicest jersey's on the market.

The Celtic away jersey also supports the original Nike style which can be seen in many other jersey's produced by this brand. Usually when I buy football jerseys I seem to always find loose pieces of tread hanging from the sides of it within days.

Not with this jersey though. The superb quality of the jersey makes it a must buy for all football fans (well, maybe not Rangers fans). I feel the new Celtic away jersey (08/09) would make a superb gift for all ages. One final thing I love about the jersey is the quote which can be seen inside the collar. It says : "It's not the creed nor nationality that counts, it's the man himself."

So go now to and order your Celtic away jersey for just $66.50 (£37.00).