Ronaldo "apparently" wants to leave United... what a load of bull

It's the question on everyones lips right now. Will Cristiano Ronaldo stay at Manchester United or will he join Real Madrid. Only the man himself knows, but Ronaldo's mother seems to believe he will stay at United.

Ronaldo has never hidden his desire to one play with Real Madrid but he hasn't declared when that will be. He "apparently" told a Brazilian newspaper today that he does want to leave United this summer and join Madrid, but in my view that's a load of bullshit.

The jounalist who "apparently interviewed Ronaldo talked today on Sky Sports News and I must admit it sounded very much as though he was lying, although he may well be telling the truth. Ronaldo's mother has today said : "He is fine where he is. Only God knows the future, but it's certain that he will continue in Manchester,"

I am personally not sure where Ronaldo will be next season but I would tend to believe his mother rather than some journalist writing for a Brazilian newspaper. There is no doubt the Premier League would be much worse off without the Portuguese star but I do think one day he will move to Real, but probably not this summer.