Sven has to go after a promising season fizzles out to nothing

What looked like a very promising season for Manchester City has inevitability fizzled out to nothing and it now looks as though Sven Goran Eriksson could lose his job because of it.

I am a Man City fan myself, just like my brother, and like any other City fans we were both very optimistic about our European challenge this season after a terrific start to the campaign. That optimism faded soon after Christmas when we lost our superb home record and began to slide.

We now find ourselves in 9th, with no hope of Europe (well we may get fair play) and a summer that will prove to be frustrating in the transfer market due to the lack of European football.

Eriksson promised so much at the start of the season, and I know I may sound a bit harsh here but I personally think he should go. He is too negative a manager for my liking. I understand him playing 4-5-1 away from home every second week but when we then play at the City of Manchester we play the exact same defensive formation.