Unsettled Liverpool star vows future to club !

Liverpool striker Peter Crouch has today said that he will stay at Liverpool and fight for his place in the side according to reports on Sky Sports.

The former Southampton forward has managed just four league starts for The Reds this season and reports have been linking the 26 year old with a move away from Anfield.
However the player understands that he will have to work for his place in the team and in a recent statement on the club's website Crouch said, "Everyone talks about me talking to clubs. Maybe it's because I'm not playing every game,"
"But at a club like Liverpool you're not going to play every game... I've come to realise that this is the case at a club like this, whereas at somewhere else maybe you would play every game... But here we are competing for things and I certainly want to be a part of winning trophies."

Personally as a Liverpool fan I would like to see Crouch get more of a prominent role in the side and I certainly think he should be starting ahead of Dirk Kuyt and Voronin. So I for one hope that Crouchy is with us for a good while yet.



  1. CC21Mikols said,

    Crouch is amazing. The Game against Bestikas in the Champions league he played a fantastic game. He should be if not starting every game being a sub.

    on 1:33 a.m.  

  2. SpanishHeat said,

    Crouch is good as often as he is bad, you never know what you'll get from him and i dont like that, quite often in a game that matters he does nothing then against a crap team like Besiktas he looks good and a bunch of muppets seem to forget that he is a donkey when we really need him, he might be much better than Voronin and Kuyt and a few others who liverpool need to get rid of but he can go aswell if we ever want to win the league. on the note of winning the league or even challenging would be nice we have to be honest and have a good clear out because Kuyt really sucks arse, Voronin is pathetic, Kewell is a big waste of time, Pennant should have stayed at Birmingham, Sissoko and Riise i liked and rated but both for what ever reason have turned bad and need to move on as much as we need to sell them (good luck to them 2 but the rest can just **** off.

    would like to see some decent players signed who are capable of making an impact now.

    striker - not Huntelaar..!! he would be good long term but like i said i want something now. I like Kenwyn Jones, Defoe or even even robbie keane, but i think one player is been ignored by rafa and thats babel (i'm sure i aint the only person to notice this).

    on the wing anybody would be an improvement as we only really have Benny who i rated out, i want to see Babel upfront and Kewell and Pennant at more average clubs to suit thier abilities, personally i would go for Muntari or Theo walcott.


    on 10:50 a.m.  

  3. SpanishHeat said,

    Back to strikers I think would be worth signing to replace the average Crouch and crapiness of Voronin and Dork Kuyt, There Fred who seems very available but if we really wanted to be AMBITIOUS for a change Benzema looks a fantastic player.

    on 11:03 a.m.