Spurs close on £30 million trio as Ramos revolution continues

According to reports in today's Daily Mail, Tottenham are set to wrap up the signing of Juventus midfielder Tiago and they are also closing on signings of Middlesbrough winger Stewart Downing and Rangers defender Alan Hutton.

Tiago has long been linked with a move to White Hart Lane after falling out of favour at Juve and it appears as though now the deal is on the brink. Tiago has played in the Premier League with London rivals Chelsea and Spurs boss Juande Ramos is very keen to bring him back to England.

Meanwhile, Rangers defender Alan Hutton, who turned down the chance to move to Spurs earlier in the month is said to of changed his mind and a deal could be the done in the next few days. Hutton has been linked with a move to the Premier League for some time now with clubs like Man United, Man City and Liverpool said to be interested in the Scotland international.

Middlesbrough winger Stewart Downing is also said to be close to a move to Spurs after he admitted last week that he would be interested in a move to London if the opportunity arouse. Downing was also being tracked by fellow Premier League side Everton.

I personally feel all three signings would be terrific for Spurs, especially the possible capture of Hutton. It is taught this will cost Tottenham as much as £30 million for the three players, which sounds a lot of money for just three players but I feel it would be money well spent.



  1. Spurs King said,

    I hope this is true , of them are class players

    on 1:38 p.m.  

  2. Anonymous said,

    there are more talented left sided players than downing..... after 3 years comolli still hasnt found one?? still after the same one?

    Get a grip... Ramos doesn't want him, and im sick of comolli stepping on our managers toes by giving them sh@t players they dont want.

    on 1:58 p.m.  

  3. Anonymous said,

    How would you even have the tiniest of inclins of what Ramos thinks and wants you blithering idiot.

    Yes Downing has been overrated in the past but that doesn't get away from the fact that he still is a class player, and I think he will fit right in to the british ora that spurs have got.

    Downing will finally give us the width we need down the left which will finally give lennon the space he needs on the right. Downing also has a brilliant left peg and I think the prospect of bale and downing down the left is pretty damn frightening for any right back.

    on 2:16 p.m.  

  4. Anonymous said,

    Downing is ridiculously average. It would be better to keep the cash and leave Malbranque playing on the left. I can’t see Ramos agreeing to buy him...

    There should be a full investigation into who ordered the signing of Bent and the other shit players over the summer. Who ever it was should be sacked, and then beaten for gross incompetence...

    on 2:23 p.m.  

  5. Anonymous said,

    Tiago - not worth 9.8 mill, or whatever the papers are saying. I don't class him as a match winner & he has been very average for Juv this season in all departments.

    Downing - What can i say other than overrated. Wouldn't be a bad addition for around 5-6 mill. But this is the problem with spurs. We have a lorry load of average players. I would rather see Malbranque play left mid, at least he has a bit of flair.

    Hutton - Looks like he will be a good buy. Whats going to happen with chimbonda?

    I just think we need to bring in some players who can change a game and have some genuine talent.

    Ramos is the man

    on 2:29 p.m.  

  6. Anonymous said,

    I agree malbranque has been outstanding this season, I would say he has been one of our top three performers so far. However if you are going to be a top team you simply HAVE to have adequate cover for all positions, and I personally think when your putting the likes of boatang or tanio on the left they are not good enough to fill that role.

    Although then you can look at the up and coming player of O Hara. However I still think Downing would be a good signing and the likes of berbatov will relish the deliveries he is capable of.

    As for Bent that has to be the worst signing since Sergio Rebrov, if not worse thanks to the outragous sum we paid for a distinctly average striker. I remember Jol coming out and saying that it was Daniel Levy who wanted to sign Bent. Unfortunately you can't sack the chairman!

    on 2:38 p.m.  

  7. hackneydemon said,

    I am sick of hearing about Downing, he is possibly the most over-rated player in English football. We did the shit with Dirk Kuyt, and look how that turned out.
    Ricardo Quaresma and Ashley Young are both better prospects for the left flank.
    Hutton is different class and we should secure the services of Zambrotta also.
    Fuck Comolli off... he is probably still a gooner at heart!

    on 2:47 p.m.  

  8. Anonymous said,

    how can so many managers be wrong bout downing. the lad has 20ish cap for england.
    tiago might be the question mark for me. not good enough for chelsea, not good enough at juve. so why do we want him??

    on 3:05 p.m.  

  9. Anonymous said,

    demon,who is going to pay 40mil for Quaresma. kuyt is still shit.

    on 3:08 p.m.  

  10. Anonymous said,

    Why does everyone continue to slag off Darren Bent, the poor bloke has been injured most of the season and out of the 7 games he has started he has 5 goals to show for it....if that is crap then i'm a gooner !!!

    on 3:17 p.m.  

  11. Anonymous said,

    I'm not convinced we need Hutton - I think there are other areas of the side that need strengthening first - namely a strong central midfielder who can tackle and another centre half (ship out Gardner and Rocha and keep Kaboul as a 4th choice while he matures and learns the game). Tiago - I'm not sure he's what we need in the middle - he hasn't got the bite we're missing. As for Downing - if we have the cash I think we should get him as we really have no cover for Steed out on the left.

    I don't get why so many people slate Bent. Yes, we probably paid over the odds, but that was the going market rate after the Icelandic biscuit man started throwing his cash around and wasn't the player's fault. If Berba picks up an injury or gets suspended then we'll need Bent and with a run of games I'm sure he'll show us what he's capable of. Just a shame our scouts decided he wasn't worth £2.5m when he was at Ipswich.

    And I also don't get why Comolli comes in for so much grief. Why is it that people can't understand the Director of Football role? It allows continuity at a club - if a manager fails and is sent packing (and let's be fair, we have been through a few dodgy ones over the past 15 years or so) then the youth structure and player development continues unaffected. Ok, so he should maybe listen to the manager's demands more, but who really knows what goes on behind the scenes and who made the decisions on certain transfers? At least we're now buying players who'll have resale value - long gone are the days where we'd throw our cash at the likes of Fox, Sinton, Ferdinand (who did well for us, granted) who were coming towards the end of their careers.

    on 3:38 p.m.  

  12. Anonymous said,

    downing isnt an outstanding player, but there are'nt many better crossers of the ball, right or left. to have someone in your team who can cross the ball like that is a plus for anybody.

    on 5:26 p.m.  

  13. ginger yid said,

    someone tell me what else does comolli do for the club. IS he just a drain or does he do a job. yet to see his signings do any good.

    on 6:11 p.m.  

  14. totallytottingham said,

    thank you to the person who wrote "Why does everyone continue to slag off Darren Bent, the poor bloke has been injured most of the season and out of the 7 games he has started he has 5 goals to show for it."

    and also to the person who wrote "I don't get why so many people slate Bent. Yes, we probably paid over the odds, but that was the going market rate after the Icelandic biscuit man started throwing his cash around and wasn't the player's fault. If Berba picks up an injury or gets suspended then we'll need Bent and with a run of games I'm sure he'll show us what he's capable of. Just a shame our scouts decided he wasn't worth £2.5m when he was at Ipswich."

    Bent is not a bad footballer in the context of today's Premier League which needs real athletes with some skill too. I am not saying he is a Van Basten or a Klinsmann but I think the above 2 comments are wise ones.

    on 6:54 p.m.  

  15. Anonymous said,

    to be completely honest with you, hutton offers us nothing that chimbonda does, infact chimbonda is better!

    Downing would be a very SHIT purchase, the guy sucks.

    Tiago i worth a look at, but i would rather we focused on getting a roy keane/ patrick viara type of player. not ANOTHER average midfielder.

    on 8:11 p.m.  

  16. Anonymous said,

    No Bent is not a bad player,but hes not top 6 quality.He's simply not good enough to play for a team like Spurs who have three top quality strikers already.

    I think I will be under the same opinion of most Spurs supporters when I say Bent is a decent striker,but there was nothing good in paying 16 millions pounds and bringing him to this club.OK he's scored a few goals,but that doesn't outweigh the disharmony he has brought to jermain defoe.And the fact of the matter is...Jermain Defoe is better then Darren Bent.

    So don't come on here saying Bent is a good player and he hasn't done badly because we know that.We just see know real reason as to why he was brought to Spurs.

    on 8:23 p.m.  

  17. Anonymous said,

    Some of the people on here really know notihng about football!
    Bent, yes he scored 5 in 7 etc, but have you watched him play? He has no pace (compared to what we're led to believe), he's got the poorest movement of any frontman in the premiership, he scuffs shots all the time, he trips over the ball on occasions. He is just generally a poor poor player and our most expensive?
    Chimbonda wants to leave, so we need a right back, he doesnt seem to have that same love when he's on the pitch.
    Tiago i agree isn't that great, and all we need is a keane style midfielder that ramos so badly wants.
    Downing has an amazing cross, but i see him as a sort of Andy Reid, no pace, a good left foot, thats about it. We really need a world class left player, look at the top 4's left sided players, we really don't have anyone that good, nor are we chasing someone that good.
    And i trust Ramos and his judgement more than Comolli.
    Man Utd 2 - Spurs 3 anyone?

    on 8:37 p.m.  

  18. karlmats said,

    Of these three average players I feel that Hutton is the worst buy. He is a stupid football player that can't defend if his life depended on it, he would be a perfect fit for Newcastle though.. The other two? Meh, don't want any of them, what happened to that Arshavin rumor anyways?

    on 9:55 p.m.  

  19. Anonymous said,

    I heard that his agent told him big club in north London want to buy you he replied
    No way I was going to move south and play any of those dirty two face, back-stapping
    Up-start who hell do think they are .. And storm off … his agent call him few hours later
    Saying ranger will make quiet a bit and you’ll make some money too he then said I think I was bit hasty with my comment, if club want me to go I’ll move but won’t like joining
    Arsenal his agent said it was spurs , Hutton then said that ok I’ll joined tomorrow, his agent then said we leave it few week I’d already told them you did won’t to join .. the moral of this tale is arsenal ruining image of north London football and should move back to south

    on 11:13 p.m.  

  20. Anonymous said,

    Tiago would be a great signing, Mourinho often speaks about his biggest regret as Chelsea manager was selling Tiago.

    Sign him up

    on 2:26 a.m.  

  21. Anonymous said,

    Question is: "Would Downing improve our squad?". Yes, he would give us an option that we currently dont have. As for Hutton, Chimbo is getting up the years and he may see his future elsewhere, so Hutton would be a good signing.

    on 9:02 a.m.  

  22. Anonymous said,

    Bent has no pace, i read somewhere that he runs 100m in 10.5 secs that sounds pretty pacey to me....!

    on 12:09 a.m.  

  23. Anonymous said,

    Downing is awful and Bent would be one of the worst buys of the season even if he cost us a nickel. When you chase and purchase these types of average players it sends a huge message out to everyone else about what you aim to achieve for Spurs and with these two below average players it speaks volumes. We will be a laughing stock spening over 26 million on those two freaks. Sell Bent now for 10 mill and pretend it never happened.
    People who rate players like Downing and Bent must get their football knowledge by watching football highlight shows only, where you may see the odd goal or assist from them. Watch an entire 90 mins of them play and you will wonder how they are even allowed to call themselves proffessional footballers. They do not change a game, take the game by the scruff of the neck or dominate in their fields.

    on 2:36 p.m.