Not a wise decision Denis

Denis Wise has this evening decided to leave Leeds United to go and join Newcastle United as some executive something or other and in my view he's made a bad decision.

He has led Leeds into the promotion places in League one despite a 15 point deduction and many Leeds fans had grown found of the ex-Chelsea star.

The decision to leave the club is a poor one. Denis should of stayed with Leeds at least until the end of the season and if they were promoted (which I think they would of been had Wise of stayed on) then great. He would be regarded as a possible Premier League manager.

Instead he has decided to join the backroom staff at St James' Park where he will have no influence in picking the first team squad and in my view Denis needs to be doing that kind of thing if he wants to be a top manager.



  1. cobbo said,

    Stop jumping on the anti Newcastle band wagon, do you know what his role is? Leeds were a big club but in todays climate apparantly you have to be top four or be based in London to do anything according to the southern media!! so climb down of your bloody high horse.

    on 10:08 p.m.  

  2. Anonymous said,

    it's been said that he's become disillusioned with the life of a manager during his time at leeds, so maybe he fancied taking a less hands-on approach?

    the truth is, we still don't know exactly what his role will be, so before slamming his decision, or praising his appointment, wait until you know some facts before conjuring up an opinion.

    on 10:18 p.m.  

  3. It appears Mr.Wise has a short memory.He signs players but only if they are prepared for the "long haul" then at the first opportunity goes on his own "long haul" to Newcastle.How he had the cheek to slaughter Derry for staying at a club where he was wanted and then do this to the fans who had supported this great club through thin and thinner and who had forgiven him for taking us lower than we have ever been.Incidentally Derry seems to be doing ok in the championship doesn't he?

    This is not anti-Newcastle it's anti-hypocrisy and anti-Wise and we will be better off without him.I just wish that he could have shown the loyalty he's so fond of and at least seen the season through.

    Thanks for FA Denis MOT

    on 11:29 p.m.  

  4. Anonymous said,

    Wise has bottled it & gone for the money & soft option. What difference will he make to a club playing for nothing with no influence over the first team? Why not wait until the summer with a promotion on his CV & a begrudging thank you?.No tears shed in Leeds & more than happy to take the money(just like him!).

    on 1:27 a.m.  

  5. Anonymous said,

    If Wise had gone for the assistant manager job at Newcatle, then that would be perfectly understandable.

    However, he appears to have given up on football managership and gone for the money.

    He was never accepted at leeds and I can't think that Newcastle fans will welcome him with open arms.

    After all, his new role must seem totally irrevalent to true Geordie fans

    on 2:40 a.m.