Should Big Sam be given more time at Newcastle ?

Many people have speculated in recent days that Newcastle boss Sam Allardyce may be sacked after just 5 months in the job. He has had a very average start to the season with the Magpies lying in eleventh place in the table, not where owner Mike Ashley would of liked them to be after 13 games.

Allardyce received dogs abuse from several Newcastle fans during the 3-0 home defeat to Liverpool on Saturday but would it be to soon to sack him. My opinion is that you shouldn't sack a manager after just a couple of months in the job. Let them have at the very least half a season and if things aren't going to plan, well then get rid of them.

Sam joined Newcastle from Bolton in the summer after a very successful stint at the Wanderers, getting them into the UEFA Cup in his time their. Sam spent a lot during the summer but so far the players he has bought just haven't really impressed. So do you think he deserves more time at St James' or should he be sacked now?



  1. Anonymous said,

    TOO SOON!!! He bought good players in the summer transfer market. Okay they were mostly defenders and squad players, but GOOD players. That was our weakest area of the team now Iam certain that in this next transfer window in January he will buy good again, this time attacking players. He has bought good and that is proof of a good manager. He has made improvements to all our back-room staff and facilities and it will take time to settle but he is going round it in the right manner and will produce the goods soon. Patience people!!..PATIENCE!!!

    on 1:41 p.m.  

  2. JP said,

    Yehh we all just gotta calm down a bit..he is a good manager and the best we've had for a long time, so lets give him at least a season.

    on 1:43 p.m.  

  3. Anonymous said,

    Sam should be given till at least the end of the season. He might not have had the best start but he is doing good things with the back-room staff. If he doesn't get us into the very least a top ten finish then send him packing but we always knew that it had to start with a building process. The only problem is that teams around us are leap frogging us all too quickly, City, Villa, West Ham are going to be harder to catch if we don't start getting results soon.

    on 1:47 p.m.  

  4. hanz_mas said,

    yeah we must back him up & be patience although the result of late was so bad...but we can do it with him around... s**** happened

    on 2:01 p.m.  

  5. Gary said,

    I would agree with many of the comments. Sam has laid the foundations in a very short time. Some of the players have excellent track records.

    However the problem many fans have is we do not understand his decisions.

    Wingers on the wrongs wings
    Players out of position
    Playing unfit players Barton, Veduka etc
    Dropping Oba when he is on a scoring run
    Strange formations which leave full backs wide open

    Many at the match around me likened it to Souness tactics with Gullets bloody mindedness not to do what the fans want.

    on 5:22 p.m.