Capello, Houllier and McLeish set for England, Ireland and Birmingham respectively

The Football Association of Ireland are set to go into talks with former Liverpool manager, Gerard Houllier after the draw is made for the world cup in South Africa this week, according to a report in the Irish Daily Star today.

Fabio Capello feels his chances of becoming Steve McClaren's successor have been boosted by Jose Mourinho virtually ruling himself out of the position. The Italian added: "It would be a very interesting challenge and difficult challenges have always fascinated me."

Birmingham City will seek permission from The Scottish FA to speak to Scotland manager Alex McLeish next week, according to BBC Sport. In my opinion these three appointments would all be very positive ones for their respective teams, what do you think ???



  1. ivor roth said,

    If Birmingham City get Alex then we will become a decent side in the Premiership. He wont stand any messing around

    on 12:48 p.m.  

  2. Anonymous said,

    I agree, i Think that Steve Bruce is a big loss to the club but he woulld be a very sufficient replacement .
    As for England Ifeel Capello would be good he has had a lot of success with his previous teams and he is also very high profile , which is wot Eng need in a gaffa.
    And Houllier for Ireland... I think he would be a great appointment for them, it's about time they got someone in who is known

    on 1:51 p.m.