England get the green light to bid for World Cup

England have today been given the go ahead by FIFA to bid to host the 2018 World Cup. England had expressed an interest in hosting the competition back in 2005 but the World Cup usually takes turns in every continent and it wasn't meant to be Europe's turn again until 2022 after Germany hosted it in 2006 but according to the world governing body's vice-president Chung Mong-Joon that rule has been abolished.

Other countries including the USA, China, Russia and Australia have all expressed an interest in hosting the event whilst the Netherlands and Belgium are also interest, but with a joint bid. I would guess England might be favourites because senior FIFA officials like Franz Beckenbaur have said that it would be great to host the competition in the homeland of football.

One other factor that I think may help the England bid is that it has so many large stadia in the country like Old Trafford, The Emirates and Wembley and with the proposed plans of new stadia for several clubs in the English league I think England may just get the nod and wouldn't that be terrific to see.