A Big Red Mess; starring Tom Hicks and George Gillett

In the space of three minutes halfway through the second half against Aston Villa, Liverpool may have blown their chances of getting the fourth Champions League place.

Why??? I just can't understand why Rafa plays Dirk Kuyt, he's without a doubt the most frustrating player in the world, no exceptions. Even though he set up Benayoun for the first goal of the night, one chance which he missed in the second half just stands out to me and makes me wonder why he plays football.

Then what happens, once The Reds bring on the man who should have played instead of Kuyt from the start, Peter Crouch, comes on and snatches a draw from what could have been even more of a nightmare.

The only way to describe Liverpool at the moment both on and off the field is a mess, with the American owners just causing havoc in the club. Alright tonight's performance was pretty good, take away those three minutes in the second half as was last week's but that was against lower league opposition.

However, in truth, 6 draws in their last eleven home games just simply isn't good enough. I think we need to bring in DIC and make it clear from the start that they are there for strictly business matters only.

I hope the Liverpool fans realise that what's going on behind the scenes at Anfield cannot be used an excuse for the poor performances on the field... but still Hicks and Gillett just go away...You're not wanted here !!!